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My books and publications

William Shakespeare: His Life and Times, (co-author with Ari D. Berk), Candlewick/Templar, April 2010. Winner of the 2011 School Library Association Children’s Choice Information Book Award!

Masques of Difference: Four Court Masques by Ben Jonson, Manchester University Press, December 2007.

(Book descriptions on my official site)

Carnivale on Shakespeare’s Stage.” Mythic Passages: The Magazine of Imagination, February 2007 (online journal).

Jonson’s Gossips and the Stuart Family Drama,” Early Theatre 9.1 (Summer 2006): 61-83.

Playing Fairy: Pan and Puck Onstage,” Realms of Fantasy Magazine, April 2006: 22-31, reprinted on the Endicott Studio’s online Journal of Mythic Arts.

“Angels and Ministers of Grace: Theatrical Superstitions through the Ages,” Realms of Fantasy Magazine (March 2005)reprinted on the Endicott Studio’s onlineJournal of Mythic Arts.

“Shakespeare’s Folklore and the English Holiday Cycle,” Realms of Fantasy Magazine (August 2003), reprinted on the Endicott Studio’s online Journal of Mythic Arts.

“’To blanch an Ethiop’: Jonson’s Masque of Blackness and Multicultural Approaches to Early Modern Literature.”  Language Arts Journal of Michigan 18.1 (2002): 18-24.

“Staging the Classroom,” Shakespeare 2 (1998): 5-6.

“‘He may be our father, perhaps:’ Paternity, Puppets, Boys and Bartholomew Fair,” in Critical Essays on Ben Jonson, ed. Robert N. Watson (New York: G.K. Hall), 1997: 60-81.

The Food Artist” (short story). Fat!So? [site archive], 1995.

“Versions of Femininity in Bartholomew Fair.” Renaissance Papers (1993): 91-115.


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